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To access this document, go to: http://tinyurl.com/mathademics

I. This is why I’m here.

Kahn Academy

II. Can’t we do better?
  • __http://youtube.com/mathademics__
    • There would have to be goals:
  • No video could go over 5 minutes.
  • Good use of colors, a prepared lesson.
  • Certified teachers, real teachers
  • Different technologies: SMART, ELMO, ENO: variety.
  • Connects all three schools in the district.
  • Speaks to middle schoolers and elementary school.
  • Connect with other districts, other teachers, create a community
  • Evidence - students should comment, interact.

III. Software that you need for SMART board only:
  • Jing- __www.techsmith.com/jing__
  • Go Pro! Use the mathademics username and password for Jing Pro:
  • You could also use Quicktime’s Screen recording function:
    • Pros: you’re in control of all the descriptions and tagging of video.
    • Cons: You don’t get to select your screen size.

IV. For ELMO or AVER document cameras:

The Process using: JING

    • Before recording with Jing, make sure you have your YouTube Share button added in Preferences.

  1. Select your screen recording area.
  2. The first time it will ask you to select a microphone. Choose either your built-in mic or your external.
  3. Hit Capture a Video (second button in from left)!
  4. Once you are done recording, hit the Finish Recording Button, NOT CANCEL, or you’ll lose your recording (first button from left).
  5. Give it a descriptive title
    • Example: Partial Products Algorithm
  6. Hit Share to YouTube, and you’re done!
  7. Done!

The Process using: ELMO and AVER media

    • This process is the basically the same as above, however, take these steps before recording your screencast.
  1. Make sure Image Mate is open, and that your ELMO is plugged in to your laptop with the USB cable.
  2. Once you see the ELMO screen on your laptop, and you’ve correctly focused your drawing area, use JING to select your screen capture area.
  3. Follow steps 2- 6 above
  4. Done!